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If you are looking to contact me about my "Understanding The Spectrum" comic, please find a print-quality PDF of the comic at this link here. No need to email me to ask for permission to use it, I have always intended for the comic to be completely free to use in whatever you like, be it in presentations or for translating. When you do use it though, please credit me for the image and let me know that you've used it, because I love to know that this old comic is still doing much good in the world!

I am a freelance illustrator currently living in Bristol.

My favorite things are nature, science, comics, and cuddling my girlfriend!

My previous clients include The Guardian, Creative Connection, The Beano and Crowood Press.

I have books published with Jessica Kingsley Publishing and HarperCollins.

I love telling stories! So I do this a lot in my spare time, mainly through web comics, which you

can read for free in the link above!

For queries or if you just wanna say hello, drop me an e-mail at:

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